One Soul: Holocaust Educational Curriculum ToolBox

The When Humanity Fails Toolbox is designed to provide invaluable tools for educators teaching about the Holocaust. It includes flexible modules, teacher guides and sample lessons to assist educators in their preparations. The Toolbox may be utilized as single exercises or as an entire curriculum. Imaginative source materials are organized in a creative assortment of formats including photos, posters, cards, DVDs, booklets and bookmarks – all color-coded by section in one self-contained box, ideal for educational and communal use. Materials are differentiated for middle and high school grade levels and by the amount of time that is available for each section. For locations that are hosting the When Humanity Fails exhibition, the Toolbox will enrich the experience by enhancing the knowledge and skills useful in viewing the Exhibit, as well as providing activities for previewing and post viewing of the exhibition. The Toolbox is equally designed to serve as a comprehensive stand alone educational program for schools and other institutions that seek to provide a foundation of knowledge about the Holocaust. Additionally, the toolbox seeks to motivate students to employ their power of choice to reach out to their fellow man through programs of service. Learning about the Holocaust is a way to bear witness to the six million lives that were lost, as well as to memorialize their unrealized potential and unfulfilled dreams. The Toolbox provides educators with materials for teaching both the historical and personal side of the Holocaust as well as enabling students to realize that every choice and action one makes has the potential for greatness.

Toolbox Contents include:

· Brainstorming graphic organizer– to assess students’ prior knowledge
· Holocaust Glossary — important Holocaust terminology
· Journal – a compilation of emotion-based writing exercises
· Looking at Photographs – photo analysis to each how to view photographs with an “historical eye”
· Heroism Cards – set of 16 poster sized cards (photos and primary sources [literature, diaries, letters, artwork]) designed to represent different types of heroism during the Holocaust
· Heroes Booklet – vignettes of contemporary real-life heroes
· Moral dilemma series – including 2 trigger films to facilitate the exploration of ethical choices
· Timeline – poster sized illustrated chronological graph of the period 1933-1945 and activities
· Identity Cards – 27 personalized narratives of individuals within an historical framework before, during and after WWII
· Israel Destiny Cards – biographies of 10 survivors who helped shape Israeli society, with an accompanying film of one survivor
· Bookmarks of Remembrance – graphically poignant daily accounts of significant historical events during the Holocaust
· Docent Guide – to enhance viewing for locations that host the multimedia When Humanity Fails exhibition
· Excerpted readings – relevant and poignant book excerpts
· Multimedia teacher resource list – wide array of suggested readings, films and web- related resources
· “What do we do now?” – follow up responses for individuals and groups, and resources of volunteer opportunities to inspire change

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