In response to the emerging health crisis of childhood obesity, The Afikim Foundation has taken a leading role in educating parents, teachers and students about how to practically implement strategies … more


Workplace Concise Guide

Responding to the need of employees and students to familiarize their employers and professors with the various restrictions that orthodox Jews observe on particular days of the calendar, thereby avoiding … more



Shabbox – has arrived! Always throwing your phone, blackberry, money and keys in a drawer before Shabbos?  The creatively designed Shabbox neatly stores your non-Shabbos items in a sleek and … more


One Soul: Holocaust Educational Curriculum ToolBox

The When Humanity Fails Toolbox is designed to provide invaluable tools for educators teaching about the Holocaust. It includes flexible modules, teacher guides and sample lessons to assist educators in … more

totallyonline270 – Online Hebrew School The boring days of Hebrew School are over. The Afikim Foundation is developing ToTallyOnline, an online Hebrew School that’s live, interactive, engaging, meaningful, and entertaining. … more


Black is a Color

BOOK/ART TOUR- Black is a Color BY STAN LEBOVIC Recognizing and promoting talented individuals who have the potential to positively impact the broader Jewish community, The Afikim Foundation is organizing … more


Kwizwiz Mobile Application (App)

The wait is over!! ‘KWIZWIZ by Afikim’ app for iPhone and iPad is now available! The engaging and challenging online quiz game in which kids as well as adults travel … more


Mitzvah Fair in a Box

The Afikim Foundation has made available its creatively innovative and time-saving programming resource for schools, shuls, camps and kiruv locations. Mitzvah Fair in a Box is an extensive compilation of … more



The ToTal program has become the leading creator of innovative resources for Hebrew school teachers who are searching for new ways to engage, educate and inspire Jewish kids. Some of … more


Passover at the Wellmans

Remember when Passover was a special time to get together with family? This family is a little bit different. This engaging, poignant and heart-warming DVD will touch the hearts of … more