Olam Chesed

Olam Chesed is a unique chesed organization that receives and distributes brand new merchandise donated by major retailers for families in need. Olam Chesed Distribution Center in New York distributes $5 worth of new household … more


Limited Edition Lithograph

We are pleased to be offering the exquisite ‘Woman of Valor” by master Israeli artist Shuki Freiman. Don’t miss this opportunity to own this piece from one of Israel’s most … more


Comforting the Sick

A Personal Perspective by Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz explains compassionately from personal experience the positive approach to bikur cholim-visiting the sick.                     … more

mykaddish270 Together with Partners in Torah, Afikim Foundation has created a unique online resource to provide the guidance of Jewish wisdom and tradition when one loses a loved one. … more


Treats for Troops

Hundreds of Purim mishloach manot packages prepared each year by ToTal’s network of Hebrew School students and sent to Jewish American Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Treats, warm personal … more


Extending Hand

The amount of concern and assistance that we, in the American Jewish community, give to Jewish organizations engaged in compassionate activities is beyond calculation. Yet, as vigilant as we are, … more


ToTally Tova

Whether it’s for victims of terrorism in Israel or for hurricane victims in New Orleans, ToTal students learn sensitivity to the needs and struggles of others. ToTally Tova letter-writing campaigns … more