The Art of Asking Questions

With the gracious permission of Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, The Afikim Foundation redesigned and reprinted the chapter “The Art of Asking Questions” from the Rabbi’s Haggadah, published in 2010. The 16-page booklet explains, in Rabbi Sacks’ inimitable style, that Judaism is a faith that, more than any other, values the mind and that questioning is at the heart of Jewish spirituality. Teaching the young to ask questions is an essential feature of Pesach, so much so that the narration of the Haggadah must be in response to a question asked by a child. Every question asked in reverence is the start of a journey towards God, and it begins with the habit which, on Pesach, Jewish parents teach their children: to ask, thereby to join the never-ending dialogue between human understanding and heaven.

The Art of Asking Questions” is an inspirational, as well as informational, booklet. To order a copy, go to

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