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What is the Afikim Foundation

The Afikim Foundation, founded in 2002 by Rabbi Raphael B. Butler, is an innovative incubator and implementer of Jewish educational, cultural and values-oriented programs that span the globe and has distinguished itself as a resource of creativity and content for Jewish communities worldwide.

The Afikim Foundation provides:

  • Creative Jewish educational and cultural initiatives worldwide.
  • An array of educational websites for all ages, including a cutting-edge, interactive site with web conferencing technology.
  • Curriculum materials and resources for Hebrew Schools, Bnei Mitzvah and Jewish after-school Programs.
  • A Healthy Lifestyles Program for Jewish middle schools.
  • Holocaust educational Exhibits, materials, resources and programming.
  • Community-wide endeavors including film festivals, art exhibits, walks, and Mitzvah projects.
  • Publication of an array of educational and inspiring books, pamphlets and posters.
  • Assistance in establishing, staffing and programming for communal outreach and campus organizations.
  • Informational materials for a variety of government agencies.
  • Financial assistance to various individuals and families in need.
  • Consulting to individuals in the philanthropic community who seek guidance in fulfilling their communal priorities.


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